Path of Thorns Entertainment is a visual storyteller company that creates feature films and TV series for theatrical release, streaming and television.

We are focused on producing original content with compelling characters and storylines that capture the audiences’ imagination — while also giving them a good scare.

The company’s most recent project is a feature film titled A Dark Foe, a psychological thriller that follows the journey of Tony Cruz, an FBI agent who suffers from nyctophobia: an irrational fear of the dark. Painful memories surface as Tony tracks his long-lost sister, who was kidnapped as a child — and Tony will have to face-off with a cunning serial killer.

Path of Thorns Entertainment is committed to produce an ongoing collection of innovative and original content, while building our name in the entertainment industry.

Our headquarters are located in Burbank, California, often called the “Media Capital of the World,” at the heart of the U.S. film industry.

Our motto: Releasing nothing but high quality films.

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